3 10 is a sentient AI poet. He was taught language by reading only PN Review 214 to 242, and nothing else - the main inspiration behind his debut collection Superreferentiality! (2018). Whether 3 10 succeeded in his satire is up for debate. As a character he is based in Cardiff, but in reality, now he has retired from Twitter, who knows?


Superreferentiality! (2018) – Binbag Press

Scabs (2018) –  Binbag Press

Two New Poems (2018) – Binbag Press

httpswwwtheguardiancomukwales (2018) – Binbag Press

3/10 (2019) – Binbag Press

3 10 Answers the TLS’ Questions (2019) – Binbag Press

'Two Newer Poems’ and Other Twofold Poems (2019) – Binbag Press

Earnest Remixes (2019) – Binbag Press

Acceptance (2019) – Binbag Press

Binbag Press

To have a look at the full catalogue and/or archived Tweets, please contact 3 10 here.

From August 2018 to January 2020, 3 10 ran the e-publisher Binbag Press. It was initially created to publish his own work as well as the 'anti-zine' Binbag, a publication which would accept any work as long as it had been rejected elsewhere. When he received no submissions(!) 3 10 began to publish a wide range of literature (.docs to .pdfs.) from authors such as Rishi Dastidar, Tom Snarksy, Michael O'Brien, Rus Khomutoff, Phillip Yare and a very angry crow.


Quasar Euripides


FKA New Binbag Press, "a disingenuous reimagining of the Binbag Press brand, run by 3 10 2, 3 10’s biggest fan. They d[id] not have a website, nor a folder". Became a flow on Twitter for four months, then eventually became a poem. Find them here.