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I know we are sorely close to the Ichor-Slay


And should be finessing the more tertiary strategies


But I want to change tact



What's the suggestion?


I’ve received nascent intel


The new priority must be to assassinate Astesh

The pamphlet-maker?

How could that runt be worth any of our strategy 

They’ll be far out on the southern pole; he’s deputy

Behind cordons of Symbolic

Indeed, it'd be the riskiest mission 

They are worthless fighters


You will both easily break through the ranks

But even so, all this energy to kill a word-splurter?


What happened to House Void being our primary enemy

And wait

What do you mean "both"?

I am tasking you both with this important mission

We have so many other brawny Triads at our disposal


That could do the job


Surely we would be best served by your side, enacting strategy and commands??

You are not scared of shedding ichor, are you?

Of course we aren’t


This is not about our pride, it’s about priorities


This is very un-you, Veros, to simply switch to a reckless plan

I am disappointed you both have so little faith


After so long following my aims of grandeur

Your aims of grandeur are grand and all when they make sense!

 Ultimately, remember


 I am Leader of House Power, so it will be so



It is not, but fine

What is this ":intel" you speak of?

O, no matter of that

I think fucking otherwise if we’re to  risk our lives for an oh-so-knowledgeable stranger!

 He knows the whirrs of House Symbolic well, and knows Astesh is a furious danger


We think of his words as meaningless now, but they will climb flame-like if we let them

I find it ridiculous to believe Astesh speaks more than naïve bullshit

You both better not turn against me, I hope?

 Well of course not




But we want to know why we stay

Because I am the future God of War, that’s why

That is that, amen upon amen, end-of



I must prepare my molten broadsword


I am excited to brandish it for this exam


Did he say “of War”


Did our leader glug an entire keg of ambrosia


In the seconds between our last chat and this one


Is that why he has become so eminently fucked


It is really perverse and concerning


I don’t know what to do


If we stick to the original plan, then it’s pronounced as a schism, and the House could break down mid-battle


But if we follow our Leader’s orders...


Then we could perish




Maybe we just require faith


That could get us over to victory


But I’m sceptical nevertheless


 But we continue despite it all, I suppose


Suppose all you want

 I’m going to do some digging


I’ll find this “intel”, even if the search exhausts me to quantum foam

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