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O Ael-Kamun is brutal



Brutal at marking

The teachings too

What a bitch, of Dynamoics

What was the mark?


The subject is not for everyone

 I thought you procured  ambrosia their way to stop this?!

If the ruling triad of House Power can’t bribe our way to academic passes, what hope is there??

It is strange, yes

They gave me 60%

To recall, this was low-grade ambrosia, that’s likely the disappointment

Yuren has been sloppy with procurement 

Better someone of reasonable states like he than the standard yobs

We miss Tuk-Volvin

Even if he had not received 20% in that Void Studies essay, he would have been slain during Mocks

You think?

For sure

Yuren is adventurous enough to negotiate with Sila and their sleaze-spheres, & the sleaze-sphere of ambrosia trade overall, without losing the levelness we require

Wonder why he's so late for this meeting

Same for Guilde

No matter, they can scroll up on arrival

As Master Godlet of the Godlet House of Power, I thus begin Stratagem VIII


Mocks were a tremendous success for House Power


Our primary goal, to eliminate Triad A of House Temporospatial, worked


Master Godlet Cleosyn and Deputy Godlet Stellife were promptly vaporised thank to the bravery of our very own Deputy Godlet Rosen

Pleasure being mine

Indeed . Ultimately House Temporospatial had their talents left for the dust


 They are a laughingstock, even among themselves


The Professorium were promptly impressed. We and Void are in good steading to avoid their routine punishments (for now)


With this in mind, we must now consider Void our only other true rival


Our uneasy alliance is based on mutual separation: their ambrosia trade-routes snake through Western Quarters, ours Eastern


A simple arrangement, and simpler to subvert


Yuren will begin disruptions shortly, switching of ambrosia to placebos, allowing discontent between the Godlet customers of the South-West Corridors


 Yuren’s  Triad, O,  can then replace Void Triad C for that region


 From here we can bargain for concessions during the coming Ichor-Slay

Namely, Professorium protection for Power Triad A, B and C



Profits thereafter, the spoils we receive in the Ichor-Slay, when compounded with our inevitable monopoly of the Godlet ambrosia trade, will be enough to bribe our way to the third planet of the Octryn, to Godhood, essentially


Now, on to other matters – any Internal Quibbles?

Power Triad Z have informed me that they wish to contest your position

As in 



The same Grob who aims to do his Thesis and Lobby for role as God of Waste, Compost and Sewage

The one and same

Ambitious are the earthen


I will get in contact with the Combat Department and make sure Triad Z is chosen as Victim for the next class


Those fools will be ample practice, and will die quickly enough






Why the long wait?

We were just discussing the to-be botched coup of Power Triad Z



Grob. Grob! Can you imagine













Yuren has defected

? What do you mean?

That was a stated impossibility


 Stated by the Professorium upon Inauguration

Shame on you Guilde, to fall for another spurious allegation from Ashtesh

I did not hear from one of his pamphlets, I heard from Yuren himself

We just had 
 the longest argument in Godlet history, doubtless the fieriest exchange too


He says he had Professorium blessing, and


 – more’s the fear –


It is being ratified this very yoctosecond

This is inconceivable


This ruins our ambitions on the Eastern Quarter

That’s the least of our worries


We need to find another ambrosia supplier

Which House has taken him?

House Void

Mercy and magnetism, thi is a screwing for House Power

He will show Imprints of our plotting their way, our most secret discourse on deusLogicus exposed to the enemy


Hell, I would hold zero surprise if they have been communicating for whiles now, perchance since the Mocks

 If such an occurrence is sanctified, we say the deusLogicus imprints are falsified


Blame it on House Symbolic, stirring shit for their pamphlets

Good idea, that removes both Void and Symbolic from further legitimacy

Discrediting Yuren, too

Which is the greater key at this juncture

He was excellent for strategy, despite being in a mid-tier Triad upon Inauguration


This is an invaluable loss


What prompted him to switch? Are we not the strongest of the Godlets, especially now in the ashes of Mocks?


What does House Void have that we do not?

More importantly, though


Why did the Professorium agree?

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