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So to reiterate

 For my sake, if no other


You convince Yuren to defect from House Power



But forget to mention his joining House Symbolic


Which was


 You know


The point


So assuming free reign

He goes to Void


This is what happened, yes?

true also but you’re not giving me the benefit of the doubt

metagods and amethysts you are a state

Llisten, you had to be there! We got too excited, thinking about the possibilities

You and your macroscopic pictures, it makes you forget the immediate point

this is the unprecedented news rebels like us have been waiting eternities to encounter


as Deputy of Symbolic Triad A, I deserve some kind of reprieve

 I still find myself sceptical with this notion you and the other pamphlet-makers have discovered

believe me, my envoys heard it to be true from the Professorium themselves

we really are the last batch of gods-to-be, then?



the Priori Progeny

that terrifies, I cannot lie

Only because the future is the most fluid it ever has been within the machinations of gods


this gives us the utmost freedom, as Harbingers of Rebellion, freedom like never before

the Pantheon must surrender to our demands of reform, for if they punish severely…

there will be no gods to continue the Pantheon itself



godhood crumbles

but in turn, this sets us to reign, infinitely

there will be no De-election


those lucky enough to reach the Third Education Planet, the the fewer lucky enough to graduate to hold concourse in Omnera, will be primed to be there without threat

the first of Another


well, that is exciting, I’ll admit


and makes Rebellion feel less like a costume Godlets wear, and more a feasible position

the last generation of this system is then…

which is why I forgot about all this petty House nonsense!

that is still a problem though

I may whisper for the dissolution of the Pantheon in my dreams, but I still have House Symbolic to run

in my defence


what we wanted from this gesture has been reached


Yuren’s speciality is ambrosia trade. Supplying, delivery


we don’t deal in that

right enough


 we impress with our rhetoric and abilities, that’s what makes us the most outstanding house


that’s my dogma 

a dogma which, in turn, allows us to continue igniting public dissatisfaction with the pamphlets

my concern with Yuren in Void is how more inflamed with next Sacrifice will be


he will confess the inner workings of House Power, and their conflict with Void will mutate furious


We could have high-ranked assassinations in the dormitories again

this is your balance and it works well

is that so bad?


they keep busy and we can continue our perpetual strategy during the Sacrifices


to keep out of it

that did work in Mocks, it is true

that said, I feel it imperative to protect House Temporospatial


now they are so close to decimation


think of when we get to the Pantheon


 if there is a deficit of Temporospatial graduates


then little reform will be done in such a fundamental sway of the Parliament

you think so far ahead


colour me impressed

really it would be easiest if no one was slain


now we know they will not punish us for none will replace us

they are counting on Godlets’ blindless faith in ourselves, as the hyper-species we are

I wish we could publish the truth, that could rally all against the Sacrifices


but Godlets rebelling en masse, without the nuance we possess, would be pure anarchy


The dissolution of the YiYa Model no less

I was going to ask, since the next pamphlet is primed for print


if there was to be mention

just a focus on the angel uprisings only

what news from Baoel, on that count

Some more have broken servitude; many remain thinking the Pantheon is noble


Thirteen outposts lost, three gained


Counter-resources and Pantemplar battalions coming slow from Vah-Lei for some reason, that is a blind spot in reconnaissance


the Pantheon reports the uprising will be quelled in future seconds. That they don’t need many troops. We, of course doubt this, and will imply thusly


I will let Lahash know of our plans and thank him for his continued espionage from the Baoelian frontline



well, the Profesorium will summon us to hermit_enutics imminently


I will contact Yuren thereafter and see if we can temper him from more ichor being shed


anything else?

one more facet, actually


this I found interesting


one of my envoys snuck to the Professorium


you know what they said of Veros?

he's a dullard?



they called him The Last God-to-be


That he caused the God-death


His birth, the convergence of his protoplasma, caused Qivon to upsurge and become the magmatic sphere it now, secretly, is 

that blows

blows up, uyes

then there is another ambitious task ahead of House Symbolic


somehow, be it when Godlings or during the coming Sacrifice,


Veros must perish

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