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How goes the pamphlet’s reaction?



A few heated Encyclicals its way but otherwise, nada



The work is like that, brave Godlet


 It takes time


Though you’ll be delighted to know it was received as greatness here in Baoel


It is inspiring to know even on the other side of the Pantheon there is dissidence


Even in the seat where establishment is bred


And articulated so well!

you charm me


how goes the angel’s rebellion?

Consistent, strident


Three morrows before we take Ur-Külte


A moderate fortress in the grand scheme of the planetary expanse, but capital of Qui’ox

Qui'ox! the western continent, yes?



But close enough


 So that has been a boon, and the underground resistance has now sprung to meet us with open generous wings


Vah-Lei keep their distance too, a miracle unto itself


Zero notions of Pantemplar activity

I am delighted


How may House Symbolic help you further?

What you and Qass have been accomplishing is beyond the usual Godlet remit


Your house is doing invaluable work, remember that


And have our blessing

We take it with humble thanks

But I will say this 

Superiors want you to go



Beyond, yes


Why stop at “co-operation” between houses? Why not one single united house, in the interest and love of all Godlets?


Why not a union of these unions, across all three stages of God-to-be-ness?


Metagods, why not abolish the Sacrifices?


With the rupture Priori Progeny brings, so much more is possible than a mere banning of curfew


The horizon is no longer distant, the most distant throughline


 It is the entirety of what you may do


Had not considered these things


But I will now


 I suppose fear of the Pantheon’s smite kept my possibilities hidden

But now you are the ones with more power, now there can be no replacement

As long as the Professorium is around, yes


So I must tread that balance and not go extreme, surely?


I must keep the respect of the Professorium, or two elder contingencies will be against us

Well, of a kind

The Professorium are your means to our magnificent un-end, so to speak


They will never admit it, but they are just like us angels

Metaphysical, near-omnipotent, but frustrated by the chance congealing of protoplasma 


They being unlucky, you see, to forever serve the Gods


And that means their egos will wilt if you push


Do not become their bargaining chips, Ashtesh

I understand

Now I must abscond


We march upon the Nós Docks come the third orbit’s dawn

Speak soon, angel

And best of luck

Speak soon indeed


Though we need no luck


Only inevitability

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