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ian macartney

ian macartney




Undecorated walls


for G., kinda


Like a bunker illuminated lilac on the Twitch stream.

Is this Call of Duty, where you are in a car, driven, the executed

president of the unnamed Middle Eastern country? You know

the decorator is having a knee operation and will return

in five weeks, days later than the bourgeois result and/or

expectation. I am so, so very sorry. I am so-so
in my attempts at first-person shooters from the 2006 zone.


Future flat party


for M., kinda


Lmao, how would it exist? Once we drank from globes of ice in the cocktail bar ~The Spiritualist~ (yeah, it emanated totally, like a tilde, so I had to do that), paintings of flowers all along the wall. Two pianos to settle hypothetical future drinks on, tho would that really not escape the need to hear what we all have to say, while what has been done is never spoken through without nervous laughter, without knowing we were never stronger than this, the triple-vodka, the spray of a vaccine? Anyway, hold my beer, I wish to partake.

Vanessa Walters

Vanessa Walters

I Love COD


Every time someone says COD I think of the fish 

But what about fireworks if far away things  

lose their colour 
a few suns  

have gone by 

by now 

But have you ever  

eaten a mango like  

an apple? 

a Thursday  

morning thought 
a sip  

of shit coffee 

Maybe behind the sky people  

only wear white clothes,  

the same humble park 
an office prick on weekends 
You said that cows  

follow things  

that are wrong 

we said we loved 
each other’s brains 

maybe the people of heaven 

are ‘heaveners’ 
Lord free me of my hobbies 

A city  

full of entrepreneurs 

a Coldplay tote 

How many suns 

is a few more suns 

I feel like my brain is on the verge 

of a catastrophic explosion 

A few more suns  

Is probably enough time 

And it's a lie that people do so many things 

They are all just doing one thing  

at a time, probably quite slowly 

Dreaming about angelina jolie after watching none of her films 

What does that mean 

Having fish and chips for dinner again because I’d rather  
Adult Acne  

than socially interact, what does that mean 

I've noticed you have several types of laugh, and I fear,  

Are the soft ones as good as the hard ones 

And is it ok if I cannot give you both 

The beauty in poems is where they go 

And I've lost myself 

I miss you 

I keep thinking about the four pillars of life 

At what point did I start using serums  

Am I a good adult, imagine if there was a mark scheme 

I go on Whatsapp and spam a bunch of friends 

Cause I only message twice a day now 

Which is like playing ‘hard to get’ with everyone 

Will you still love me if make kindness my sole characteristic 

Because anything more feels superhuman, if I’m honest 

Who am I today compared to yesterday 

Does moonlight give vitamin D 

Come here, lets go 

And rewatch the matrix 

Did I tell you I saw two blue pills together on the ground 

during my walk through London fields 

Rebecca Hawkes

Rebecca Hawkes

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