AyeAye12 is a webcomic artist and writer. He was most active in his adolescence, operating across a wide spread of digital communities including Terraria Online, Terraria Community Forums, I.G.F. and DeviantArt. In T.O. he took over the running of the site's front-page feature 'Creation Compendium' (a showcase of community fan-art) from the original admin. He also finished the first series of Terraria fanfiction on the forum, "The Infinite Archipelago", and inaugurated the Literature subforum when the community moved to T.C.F. with his poem "World2".
He was most active in the (non-fanfiction) literature community of DeviantArt - he posted ~600 text pieces to the site, four of which were featured on the front page as "Daily Deviations". He also posted experimental work under the name palladium-smoothie and minimalist poetry under sea-ebony.  

He is currently working on several webcomics.


Trapped In the Nothing

In January 2013 AyeAye12 began work on Trapped In The Nothing, an interactive webcomic about Line - a simple string of black pixels - and his adventures in a white void known as the Metabyss. As in Hussie's MS Paint Adventures, members of the IGF (Indie Gamers Forum) community submitted commands which AyeAye12 then translated into visuals and story (akin to choose-your-own adventure texts, or early video games). 

The webcomic came to encompass Gods, Anti-Gods, civil wars, ad-hoc philosophy and occasional blasts of disco. When it came to an end the webcomic spanned 1400 images, over 110 forum thread pages and ~100K words. The summary for new readers alone was 10K; this one webcomic thread came to contain more posts than every post in the General Discussion subforum combined

Unfortunately the website IGF was hosted on died; the original thread is now lost to the cyber-aether. In response AyeAye12 reconstructed the entire webcomic from fragmented archive and his own saved images, streamlining 'Text A' into a more coherent work. He has also added footnotes for personal, forum and thematic context.


That version is now hosted on WordPress, and can be read here.

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Trapped in the Nothing (2013 - 2014)


Across the Paradoxical Waves (2015) 


Originally hosted on IGF. The planned sequel to Trapped In The Nothing. Cancelled.

Achroma (?) 


Originally hosted on IGF. To be remade by "Ian Macartney".

A Glorious Murder in Okhostov (?)


Originally hosted on IGF. Cancelled. Reimagined as short story "A Glorious Murder" by Ian Macartney. 

Priori Progeny (2015)


Originally hosted on Tumblr. Planned to be a series of novels by The I; reimagined as webcomic. Cancelled. To be remade as 'web-play' by AyeAye12.

Thread of shorter works in the ‘TITNverse' (?) 


Originally hosted on IGF.

"I can’t remember its name but there was an unfinished webcomic which was, like, set in someone’s body? A kind of redux of TITN’s original idea, of starting with simple shapes, then going from there, with a strange sinister kind of landscape… I used this East India Youth song I adore, 'The Juddering', at some point. Pretty sure there was a flash game like it, dealing with war and fugue states, also with simple geometric shapes, that inspired it." (?)

Originally hosted on IGF. Cancelled. 

~600 text works on DeviantArt (2012-2017)


Four works featured on front page as ‘Daily Deviations’.

Some DALit Thing (July 19th 2015, November 20th 2015)

Podcast with prominent members of the DeviantArt literature community. Two episodes - one with Enrique Alaniz (chromeantennae) and Torin Aitken (scheherazades).

As palladium-smoothie

Zenethia (2014)


Originally hosted on DeviantArt, later published by Binbag Press.

gertrude, corndog mayor and friends (2015)

Originally hosted on DeviantArt, later published by Binbag Press.

~100 text works on DeviantArt.

As sea-ebony

~75 text works on DeviantArt

If you are interested in any of AyeAye12's work, please contact him here.

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