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Linlithgow Writers: "Janus". A Well-Travelled Notebook: “Time Zones”, “The Snails Move Out”, “Train to Waverley”. Northern Lights: "Hopscotching", "Darksong", "Long Shower", "Acquisition". Set in Granite: from "Stag of Scotland". Midsummer: [various]. Time and Tide: "Mother Fish”, "Ovčice, Croatia”. The Centenary Collection: "Asciinaut &c.".  #UntitledThree: "The Bookshop I Burned Down". Past Present Future: "Fear of Wrists". World-dreem: "Foreword", "Trans-spatial". ​Jump My Bones: "Positions for the Ghost".glitchy pudding: "circle emoji tree emoji". // eMUSE: "The Land Where the Sun Bleeds". [Untitled] Falkirk: "Citadel". Suma Lima: "Peace Will Come". Meanwhile: “Moment, February 2018 (7th)”, “Logistics of Grandeur”, "Critique of Nihilism". Grass: from "Thee Ozymandias Rex". Icarus: “Watering”, “Helen of Troy but with Eczema”. The Attic: "Yellow Flowers". Re-Analogue: "Foreword A", "Foreword 1", "The Infinite Fury". ​Scoot Around: "Walking on Swings", “Caledonian Cloud Computer”. Leopard Arts: [various]. ​Tenebrae: "aye", "aye", "Perpendicularised". Little Stone Journal: "For". Ex/Post: [various]. Seiren: [various]. Maudlin House: "Love You, Love You Sweetie". The Island Review: "Calgary Bay", "There Are No Islands". 433: "00:37 - 00:56". The Lumiere Review: "Acquisition II". giallo: "What is this", "I want it all Even if it's fake". Heavy Iridescent:  "Laundry Laundry Laundry Laundry". RIC Journal: "The Phoenician Cinema". Wonky Veg: [various]. Rodwell: "Charles Calgary Takes the Long Bus to Ballater". SPAM: from "Comment Section". ​WISP: from "The Bakery, The Kiln", "aye", “The Cave Paintings". spray: "Linlithgow, January 2021 (20th)", "Becky with the good consideration", "Hahahahahaha (Wtf)". unpopular zine: "While Eating Pringles (or, World Message)”. nine magazines: [various]. Sledgehammer: "a bodiless alternative". FAIRY PIECE: "How to be a Writer". Weavers: "Two Husbands", "If I Hear Clicking from a Spoken-Word Audience One More Fucking Time I'm Going to Scream, I'm Going to Lash My Tongue to a Stick and Throw Said Stick into the Ocean, I'm Going to Gyrate", "Walking, Then, Sliding Across Ice". GoldDust: "Embassies". Good Press' The Paper: "poems for the moments between literature, the fictions you cannot get undone on the afternoon commute", "Linlithgow to Glasgow Queen Street, May 2022 (8th). little living room: "August-colony". These Accents: "from Nicholas Looks Down and Sees Light – Notes". The Poetry Review: "Hyperglasgow Queer Street to Superedinburgh Vaporwaverley". // MOIST: "Party on the Edge of a Donald Trump Victory", "Stars, Spinning". The Gaudie: [various]. Epikinetics: [various]. University Times: [various]. Young Poets Network: "How To Start Your Own Micropress". ​Scottish Magazine Network: “Strange fealties: the online literary magazine”. SPAM Plaza: "Haunted by the Lattice: MidJourney, Mercer and Ashbery" The Poetry Society: "Behind the Poem: On ‘Hyperglasgow Queer Street to Superedinburgh Vaporwaverley’" // Aberdeen Student Radio (Granite Dreaming, Hipster Bubblegum, Re-Analogue, The Aberdeen Review, ASR Breakfast Show, 2017-2020): [various]. BBC Radio Scotland (The Afternoon Show with Janice Forsyth, May 13th, 2019): "Shale Bings". BBC Scotland (The Social Presents 2: Spoken Word, July 27th, 2020; dir. Matt Gibb): "The Heart's Constant I & II", "Four Years". AAJA Radio (You Mocked Me Once, December 24th, 2021): "Train Derailed, Full of Flowers". // “Anhedonia“ (dir. Ewan McIntosh). “Rubix” (dir. Ewan McIntosh; shortlisted for the 2016 Summer in The City Awards: Best Short Film). “Caledonian Dreams” (dir. Ewan McIntosh, DOP Matt Gibb; Best Drama [Cotswolds IInternational Film Festival 2022], Best Scottish Film Finalist [British Short Film Awards 2022]). // “Year/Year” (performed as part of “Melting”, Fey Theatre: Glasgow, The Old Hairdressers;THE YEAR TO COME was played by Fredrika Siden Cruz, THE YEAR THAT WAS was played by Thaïs Ramdani). // Wildverse (2011), Pushkin Prizes (2012), Foyles Young Poets (2014-2016), ​BBC Contains Strong Language (2019), Poets & Players (2021). // "Re: Remixed Reject-text: Queerness, Appropriation and Digital Poetics", Brilliant Vibrating Interface (Hillhead Library, January 17th, 2023) // The Kingfisher", Radipole Lake Visitor Centre (2012)

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