[His Other Names]

Orin Peridox

Epikinetics' pseudonym for more philosophical works, most of which were written in a pseudo-Wittgensteinian style. His most expedient work was the constitution(/"model") for an alternative students’ union, AUFoIS - copies of which were handed out at the Student Association's AGM, to resounding apathy - and the first Poet’s Eye manifesto (published in The Gaudie).

Otto Bis-Schnell

Orin Peridox's name for writings on metamodernism as a retrospective critical lens. Aim was to use this as a source in a university essay, so as to make forcing metamodernism into an essay on De Quincey and Hazlitt seem more legitimate. Epikinetics decided against both cramming metamodernism and using Bis-Schnell in the essay; he did not want to jeopardise his grade for the sake of tomfoolery.


Otto’s pseudonym for writings on Homestuck. That is to say, this is a sub-sub-sub-pseudonym, that or a username used by a sub-sub-pseudonym.

Epikinetics: Gonzo Internet Criticism. "Initially this project involved posting essays on popular culture as YouTube comments on relevant videos. When this failed I started posting first to Wordpress, then Medium. By this point I realised the attention economy was painful, so for Season 2 (Epikinetics II; my son, if you will) my pieces were written exclusively for folio. That said, there was interest in my pieces on theatre, and I would love to have my work published! If you are interested in my articles, please click the images below to read my work from Season 1, or contact me here for Season 2." 


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"A POTENTIALISED ANTHOLOGY OF POST-POSTMODERNITIES." Collaboration between Ian Macartney and Epikinetics. "In which a Scottish undergrad... and an Irish 'internet Gonzo critic' try to map out current trends in culture." Read it here.