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Nine Poems by Ryan Vance

Musica Universalis in the Balance Hole

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portrait of a young man as a collection of undergaduate dissertation post-it notes rediscovered inside a copy of ulysses


Note 1

new use for old waste

reuniting with birth? healing?

holy, salvation, et cetera.


Note 2



Note 3

stupidly nationalist views

making fun of rhetoric

turns teacher’s ideas

around on him


Note 4

images of waste

coming together

limp father of thousands

using words badly


Note 5

veggie food brings on

the shits… and poetry


Note 6



Note 7



Note 8

waste words superfluous to story

waste of body superfluous to system

reinvented as voice of machinery

reinvention equals voice


Note 9


becoming a man

becoming stephen?


Note 10



Note 11

tenuous link!

overlong descriptions

bag of wind

wasted words? or not

rhetoric is lies!


Note 12



Note 13

waste / sex / land

bad baby, fatherhood, impotence… important?

laying england to waste

daedelus ostracised

through assocciation [sic]


Note 14

gross! literature & waste mixed

rejuvenated by plantations

dead dad washed up

waste shore

ireland goes to waste


Note 15



Note 16


see descriptions

of washed up waste

on page 41

Alice Newton’s Liberation


a stolen dog

a gunshot, a husband dropped

through rusty skylight


across abandoned docks at night

pre-teens drive a creaky sedan

through two sets of reinforced doors


a laboratory of crooks, thugs

and teeth-sharp strays

sneering villains, the lot of them


a miracle: nobody dies

not the husband, not the children

certainly not the dog


that’s Hollywood, baby!

and nothing brings a family together

like vigilantism


but Alice Newton does not know this

even we know more than she does

off-screen, out of sight, watching


and across the fog-still parking lot

through the chaos, to the phone box

a dark relief comes to heel:


no more angel-soft pancakes

before the school run

whipped together in a panic


no more lacklustre fucking

a man so bland he barely features

in the forthcoming sequels


no more gigantic shits

strewn across the perfect lawn

like stinking wet alien slugs


running towards her happy ending

Alice imagines a litter of headlines–






–and feels her muzzle loosen

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Three Colour Stories

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A Lecture
on Writing

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