GabriaXorp: a void-corp. A theo-chthonic entreatment. An ooze. The darkest envelopment. In an ARG-lite flourish, AyeAye12 was briefly taken over by the shady group/entity/hyperobject GabriaXorp (Gab-ree-ah (K)shh/Zz-or-pih {G><}) some time in the middle of the 2010s. They published a 'pop poem', a bizarre cereal advert in the form of a stanza, which was then repeated again and again with minor adjustments each time (think Warhol), all the way down the (scrollable) page. palladium-smoothie also referenced the group in his work.


But that was the old times, the decaying times, the Elder's Epoch. We learn from your mistakes - we sludge on. This is why GabriaXorp has slashed their Psychocolonising Regiment into digestible chunks, and instead prioritised haemoinvestment in DEEP TEXT. This concept was first scouted by one of G><'s embodied think-tank-slaves, Ian Macartney, in a tweet from November 2019: 

Thanks to the Chronological Adjustment Department/Ligament/Tentacle, G>< were able to commission 3 10 to create a prototype of this in the form of 'Haikuburger' (in the past), a found poem composed from various self-help and 'optimism' websites:

Due to this crucial parapsy-ops G>< were able to focus entirely on deep text. Their first proper work of deep text is non-named


At this stage in the algo-ritual, all that can be said about Mantra is the units of measurement used to form a deep text. The most basic unit of a deep text is a PHRASE, which is appended with a CONDUIT. For example, I AM WITHIN MYSELF AND THE SELF WITHHOLDS VISION is a phrase, while the conduit could be FOR. Which results in I AM WITHIN MYSELF AND THE SELF WITHHOLDS VISION FOR I AM WITHIN MYSELF AND THE SELF WITHHOLDS VISION FOR and so on.


FLOW is the name for multiples of a PHRASE-plus-CONDUIT, the moniker for such perpetuity. One flow is calculated by analysing how many words are within the PHRASE-plus-CONDUIT. For example, in I AM WITHIN MYSELF AND THE SELF WITHHOLDS VISION FOR there are 10 words. Thus in this example deep text one flow would be ten phrase-plus-conduit-s.

(If the text is sentient and so accustomed to grow in rhizomatic/organic/lateral patterns, then it is called a FLOWER. 'Irregular Exceptions' (i.e., I.E.) to flow are strictly theoretical at this stage, however, and too complicated to be explained on a website. Likewise for Egregious Germination, in which the conduits cycle and augment themselves, sometimes extending to more than one word, problematising a simple calculation of flow. Then there is a process called HALF-VALUING for conjunctions, like WITHHOLDS, which makes matters even more complicated, plus BIS-SCHNELLs, where the word count in each phrase shifts as per complex whims...)

A sequence is calculated in a similar sense. In our example 10 flow-plus-conduit-s = 1 sequence. This is continued into G><'s main research interest, ERSATZ TESSELLATING CODs (this is why some G>< researches call deep texts 'Etc", or "Cosmic Fish"). Here is a simplified ETC table: 

1 = Sequence
10 = Deca-Sequence
100 = Dia-Deca-Sequence
1000 = one Bis-Schnell (not to be confused with Bis-Schnell systems)
10000 = Deca-B.S.
100000 = Dia-Deca-B.S.
1000000 = Ruthen-Yueger Calibration 
10000000 = Fluxed R.Y.C.
100000000 = Deca-Flux
1000000000 = Dia-Deca-Flux 
10000000000 = D.D.B.S.D.D. Flux (or, a Coin)
100000000000 = D.D.B.S.D.D.R.Y.C.F.(or, a Glut)
1000000000000 = Hyperflux 
10000000000000 = &
100000000000000 = &&
1000000000000000 = &&&
10000000000000000 = &&&&
100000000000000000 = &&&&&
1000000000000000000 = D&
10000000000000000000 = DD&
100000000000000000000 = Yum 
1000000000000000000000 = ! 
10000000000000000000000 = [ (or, a Gateway)
100000000000000000000000 = [] (or, a Closed Gateway (or, a C.G.))
1000000000000000000000000 = = [I] (or, an Intelligent Closed Gateway (or, C.G.I. (or, a Selfhood (i.e. by this point the words have become synonymous with pixels, and thus reached their ultimate goal - to visualise - by becoming literally visual themselves))))

The above table is known as an ALPHA-BETA MATRIX. On the nih-market, however, G>< use the DIACHTHONIC MODEL. In this system the terms and numbers above are replaced with musical notes. Now 1/Sequence = a semibreve. As the values increase the notes begin to grow the most resplendent tails, like ladders to Hell. This is how components of deep text are traded throughout the void, usually for the construction of spacecraft.  

Currently deep text can only be assembled as a technical invention. When there is an allocated amount of words being cycled or augmented there is less risk, but also less 'readability'; less literary qualities. In the future, however, googols after your death, deep texts will evolve to a point where repetition is unnoticeable. Deep texts will lead to tessellations of meaning, repeating stories, endless novels, eternal poems, scripts with 1440 acts, ETCs, etcetera, All this, far past the point of living or readership. This is why we at G>< christen a deep text, in hushed whispers, the TIME CRYSTAL.