&? is a continuous e-zine for visual/concrete poetry/literature, edited by 3 10 and Ian Macartney.  Find it here.

Otherwise, below lies the STATUE GARDEN:


       Hymn I

            Hymn II

Hymn III


    Teenage Anthem

What is &?

’&?’ is the name fourteen-year-old-me would have given himself if he ever did graffiti (ha ha ha). Now, however, &? is an e-zine for visual/concrete poetry/literature.

Visual Slash Concrete Poetry Slash Literature? WHAT???

Like, Aram Saroyan's M with an extra hump, or 'lighght'. Or less abstract shaping, like from CAConrad. Or Hope Mirrlees’ “Paris”. If you have any work like these examples, be you a writer or visual artist or both or neither, please send it in!

How do I give you my work?


Send up to FIVE pages of work in a .PDF format to – I will get back to you within two weeks (if I don’t respond, feel free to send another email). Submissions are continuous (no deadlines).


Ha ha ha!

No, as in, ‘And then what?’

Your work will be posted on the site, with a short bio at the bottom. There’s no ‘issues’, per se; I post accepted submissions ASAP, so the upload rate could be daily or very infrequent. It depends on how many submissions I get.

Anything else?

Unfortunately this is a very small operation, so at the moment I can’t give anything else other than acceptance of your work. But when you submit to other places you can say you’ve been published in &?, and the editor(s) may say, Woah, What’s that, That’s so enigmatic, Woah. Which is a neat bonus :)