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The schizo-cryptoicon shambles ever-downward. An anarcho-tecture, post-ruptured, compels deterritorialised pseudo-biological agents {{{ tentatively signified “us” }}} to withheld the contemporary caesarean disclaimant arbitrated via socio-capital and thusly sacrifice SYNTAX-VOMIT, WORD-SLUDGE, TEXTUAL GOLEMS, to our totemic loci of melted grr-poetics. Only the hyper-Bataille-esque will survive the coming chronoplurality {{{ a condemnation of images, the system falling as per perpetuumic devices relayed outwith ab-distraction, our scorning antithesis of ‘grace’ }}}. Futilely aware of the conned-sequences of our digi-editorial barbarity, we score against the heat death of universal literature for we are bored graduate students, and seek to devour {{{ all }}} your words.

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