from Priori Progeny (2015) by AyeAye12

Back in 2018, me and Alex Kither - playwright, co-founder of Re-Analogue, co-head editor of the Gaudie - talked a bit about the idea for a custom tabletop RPG system I devised called "in the Pastel". The basic gist would be that a group of treasure hunters from across the multiverse would come to a mysterious void known as "the Pastel" in search of some jewelled dice - which, when acquired, would grant special powers to members of the party. 'Settlements' were giant metal die (D20 as capital), the satellites to reality and 'existing space'. Combat encounters would be randomised using some kind of software/algorithm; storytelling would be a central device (think the video game "Where the Water Turns to Wine"). I wanted to nab elements from "Trapped In the Nothing" too, such as the health systems of Anti-Gods (i.e. when hit they gain health), fighting strangely basic objects (tables, chairs, etc.) and other meta shenanigans (fighting sentient stat tables and the like).

38 St Andrew Street in Aberdeen used to house a wonderful art space owned by the collective Tendency Towards. They had an upstairs room, used for projections/video art, and I always thought that would be the perfect place to do a game of "in the Pastel", with an audience; a whole Re-Analogue event unto itself.

This never quite happened. Alex went to Oxford and the art space became a chocolate shop. I did make a playlist, though.