Ian Macartney

Me! Or, like, a version of me, or several versions of me. I write prose, poetry and scripts. They usually blur the line between literary and speculative, performance and page, maximalist and minimalist, etcetera. I run The Poet’s Eye.


Trapped In The Nothing; Days of Green; Priori Progeny – Webcomics, Fanfiction, Digital Youth. My internet pseudonym during adolescence (circa 2011-2017), mainly operating on Terraria Online, Starbound Forums, Chucklefish Forums, IGF and DeviantArt.

AAAA palladium-smoothie

AAAA ‘Experimental’ alternative account on DeviantArt. Was nominally the DeviantArt editor for Binbag Press.

AAAA sea-ebony

AAAA Haiku/’minimalist’ alternative account on DeviantArt.

3 10

Binbag Press – Weird Twitter, Digital Text. Sentient AI poet who learned to write by exclusively reading PN Review 214 to 242.

AAAA Russell Teapot 

AAAA Makes digital visual art.

AAAAAAAA Marvellous Language 

AAAAAAAA Makes non-digital visual art.

AAAA @radhagfanaccfan

AAAA Fan account for the fan accounts of filmmaker and ex-YouTuber Ewan McIntosh. After deleting themselves, became the invisible/non-existent Twitter editor of Binbag Press.

AAAAAAAA @AccountEwan

AAAAAAAA Initially an imposter account of @radhagfanaccfan, turned into the digital consultant for Totalised Gateway, and first user of “elbow of the sun”. Thereafter became the “Institute of Ewan McIntosh Studies”, the entire building.

AAAA 6 2-9

AAAA Emoji Literature. The little sibling to 3 10. Nominally the Tumblr editor of Binbag Press.

AAAA King Kion-Fuuz

AAAA Fictional Mesopotamian ruler. Wrote “124 Questions”, one of the ‘Metamodern Classics’ in the Binbag Press series of the same name.

AAAA @thistweetrightnow1

AAAA A Twitter account made as an experimental text project. Includes variations of “this tweet / right now”, tweeted and retweeted in several orders.

AAAA Fake 3 10

AAAA A more human/me-like version of 3 10, who occasionally crops up in 3 10’s work as either character or narrator.

AAAA @QuasarEuripides 

AAAA Poetic flow on twitter; FKA 'New Binbag Press', or 3 10 2, the Son of 3 10.

Cornell DeHuux

Selected Poetry: 2071 – 2131 – Speculative Poetry. Venerated and celebrated poet of the 22nd century.

Sebastian Groose

Arkinvye and Entropica; 42:30 – Neo-Romantic, Neo-Modernist, Editor. Editor of Cornel DeHuux’ “Selected Poetry 2071 – 2131”, adding his own notes to it, as well as author of the two-part epic poem “Arkinvye and Entropica”. Was also planning to write (for Binbag Press) an epistolary record of a writing residency in an en-suite bathroom for 72 hours (centred around ‘The 400 Blows’), and an epic poem about picking up dog faeces.   



Epikinetics S1 and S2 – Internet Gonzo Criticism, Non-Fiction, Cultural Writing. A pseudonym used from May 2017 – May 2018 for some of my non-fiction work. Initially hosted on YouTube comments alongside a WordPress, then exclusively the WordPress, then Medium, then written purely for folio (the attention economy is painful!)

AAAA Orin Peridox

AAAA Name used for more philosophical and/or communistic works. Most works written in a pseudo-Wittgensteinian format. Includes the constitution for an alternative students’ union, AUFoIS, and the first Poet’s Eye manifesto (published in The Gaudie).

AAAAAAAA Otto Bis-Schnell

AAAAAAAA Name used for writings on metamodernism as a retrospective critical lens. Aim was to use this as a source in an academic text (make another WordPress blog &c.), so as to make forcing metamodernism into an essay on De Quincey and Hazlitt seem more legitimate.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Otto’s pseudonym for writings on Homestuck. That is to say, this is a sub-sub-sub-pseudonym, that or a username used by a sub-sub-pseudonym.

Various pseudonyms were used in the Gaudie, to make it look like there were more writers than there actually were. I forget most of them. “Not Tom Byam Shaw” was used for the short story “Facts About the Rice Cube”, printed in Satire section, November 2019.

Shane Llewyn

Name used for only two articles in one issue of the Gaudie. One was the review of a jazz band with post-rock support. The other was a long and (in retrospect) (very) ponderous Features article describing the Aberdeen open-mic scene as a marketplace (yikes).

Owen Schuyler

Miy Universe; Meta System – Arch-Genre, Speculative Fiction. Name for more “pure” genre fiction, particularly stories based off my childhood doodles.

Allan Black

A Glorious Murder; Seven Billion to One; The Overload Occurrence – Pulp, Crime Writer. Pseudonym for crime writing and thriller stuff, specifically “A Glorious Murder”, a short novel(la?) based off a short story, which is itself based off a failed interactive webcomic.  


E.L. Kriford

Nicholas looks down and sees Light; Trade Product Engine Pt. 7  (FKA 'The Union of Fictional Characters') – Contemporary Domestic, Arch-Literary. Pseudonym for works that fit more into a bookshop market than the rest of my stuff might. Also the protagonist of “The Union of Fictional Characters”, which takes place in the City of Fiction; it happens to be Victorian London but clean and made of gold and under sepia skies.


Our Non-Hero

Nodes (2000-2010) – Filmmaker, Intertitle, Digital Silence. Protagonist and creator of short films, which would be a weird interpolation of vlogs, but silent, and with strange poetry as the intertitles between grainy footage. The title of each would have one year from the 2000s beside it, so “Beach (2006)”.


adios nervosa

Music – Musician, Electrician, Synthesizer. Name for my solo musical projects. Also name of a weird experimental novella that I started years ago, but want to completely re-do, to be partially interactive and also partially a crossroads between various other texts of mine.

AAAA The Beast/An Excuse to Hit Things

AAAA DJ persona. Wears a red ceramic mask, goes topless, plays synth alongside and hits percussive things... also a character in A.M.I.O. “An Excuse to Hit Things” is either an alternative moniker, or the name for a potential night ("noise-cabaret").

AAAA Laureate

AAAA Moniker for vaporwave.


Diary of An EIBF Worker – Micro-literature, Digital Confessional, Memoir. Twitter fiction project wherein I document my experiences at the EIBF (both ’18 and’19, both real and imaginary). Initially conceived of as part of Binbag Press. “A camera drone, swooping from the top of the tent to the sky over George Street. Do I see faces, or read their pages?”

The I

Childhood, Doodle-Deity, Papered Imagination. As a child I made innumerable drawings, scenes from a detailed child-like cosmos of doodles, mythos and comics. My main in-multiverse avatar for this was called “The I” – progenitor of AyeAye12. There was also a series of global First Ministers who all happened to be called Ian Macartney, and essentially had the same personality and utopian polices, lmao. After a process of “Ritivisation”, in which writing supplanted this multiverse of The I, drawings were initially placed in giant meta-ships (Green for ones which could be absorbed into writing ideas, Red for otherwise), then collated into the one (White – i.e., my giant folder of childhood drawings). Also a character in Owen Schyleur’s work; a ten-year old god. Progenitor of 'ergodic doodles’ – little daydreams with the ‘affect’ of plot, without its actual presence. Imagining little people sprinting by the side of the motorway on long car journeys &c. Also did a faux-video game animated series (via DS FlipNote) about “the Blob”, who travels through platform levels by shifting and extending and the like. Circa late-00s.


Descendent of AyeAye12; makes experimental TikToks, Twitch streams,  Let's Plays, experimental video games, &c.




High Admin of the Church of Transitory Signs, a fusion of Catholic esoterica, astrology and furry fandom. 

Fergus McGhee / Fergus McFee


Referees for the Civil War.


Church of SubAux0 = Red Church of SubAuxO (or, the Church of Transitory Signs) = Orange Trade Product Engine = Purple The Poet's Eye = Black Of Ghosts = Blue Green = The I