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/s.c.1 - CAPSULE XII {ed. Ian Macartney} 
CAPSULE XII is NOT a magazine, NOR an anthology... it is a CAPSULE!!!!!!!!!!!! Featuring poetry, fiction, essays, visual art, song lyrics and more from members of the arts collective "The Poet's Eye". 

/s.c.SWIM - Shaw Worth/Ian Macartney: Selected Messages 2016 - 2022
Edition of two. Second (and only) volume of Facebook Messenger conversations between Shaw Worth and Ian Macartney, January 2017 to July 2018. Printed in event of Shaw's twenty-first birthday. 

/s.c.DAA - Dancing About Architecture [Outwith Edition] {ed. Ian Macartney (September 2022}}
Music magazine which takes its name from a Martin Mull quote: "writing about music is like dancing about architecture". Featuring interviews with musicians 'outwith' Scotland, discussing creative process, spirituality, digital technology and more. Featuring Patricia Taxxon, Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), Ian Crause (Disco Inferno), Jet Jonesz, fire-toolz, Anthonie Tonnon and Max Blansjaar. 

/s.c.EIBF - An EIBF Special {Mr Sincere Corkscrew  (August 2022)} 
A pamphlet exclusively printed for Edinburgh International Book Festival 2022 containing poems and two short stories about literary celebrity, artistic success, being a young creative, and Edinburgh.

/s.c.0 - BATCH 0
Four riso-print pamphlets printed by Out the Blue Print, Leith

//s.c.0:A - microAYE {Ian Macartney (June 2022)}
"The aye: six lines of twelve syllables with a ‘quantum jump’ in the middle line, expressed as ‘[…]’. This is the poetic form I invented in lockdown; I kept gravitating towards Union Canal, the site of my daily walk, March 2020 to September 2021. So this is a handful of ayes, wee Scottish affirmations, about a particular personal landscape – West Lothian, Linlithgow, the hometown. Except for the poems that are not – that’s a whole other novel."
//s.c.0:B - cursed meals {1946975493 (June 2022)}
"Here is the ennui of the third lockdown, a limbo: neither the unprecedented tingle of the first, nor the bleak despair of the second, but something more tedious. Capitalism as usual, but masked, and evidently unusual, as usual. The exit rumoured, vaccine a glint in the needle’s eye, but hey, the sun’s shining, the park open to encounters, and the pubs are fully prebooked. You have not moved to London, yet. Also, your family is renovating the house. Pandemic Summer, baby!"
//s.c.0:C - #ScotlandDecides {s/t (June 2022)}
"As the 2021 Election results limped in through a pandemic’d Scotland, I broadcast the REAL results on Twitter. Such electoral data is now here. But – and can this be believed? - there have been recounts; there have been edits. The answers, fleshed out for clarity. What a time to be alive."
//s.c.0:D - A Room in London 2 {adios nervosa  (June 2022)}
A4 pamphlet of poems from the heartbroken no-popstar adios nervosa; a print sequel to his 2021 EP A Room in London.

/s.c.WD - World-dreem 
{eds. Tom Byam Shaw and Ian Macartney (July 2021)}
A  man  is  plagued  by visions of the hollow earth. Onions sprout from a dreamer’s legs. American ghost hunters search  for murdered  spirits,  and  you’re  skiving Wednesday P.E. to smoke on a riverbank. This collection brings together bold and esoteric visions from the cutting-edge of Scotland’s young literary scene, and beyond. This is a transmission from the otherworld. Are you receiving? // Tom Byam Shaw, Rory Mullen, Miriam Schlüter, Ian Macartney, Ask Vestergaard, Mae Diansangu, Kieran Donnan, Seoras Eaglesham, Prema Arasu, Parawat Chang, Mag, Enxhi Mandija, Endija Lukstina, Arthur Allen, Fredrika Siden Cruz, Christopher Kestell, Jordan Stead, Blythe Stockdale, Shaw Worth, Savannah Brown, Murid L. Keshtmand, Orooj e-Zaffar.

/s.c.O - Batch Orange
Two hand-bound pamphlets printed on orange card in Linlithgow.

//s.c.O:D - Drone {Ian Macartney (February 2021)}
Re-print of a poem originally published under the name AyeAye12 on DeviantArt in 2014. A traversal through the desert wherein the blank page is the sand. Words crop up like cacti. 
 - WISP  {Ian Macartney (December 2020)}
"WIth Sincere sPectres", a mixture between "pamphlet/zine/newsletter/booklet/blog", mailed to friends during lockdown. Contains (then-)updates, visuals, media recommendations, a story fragment, poems.

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Batch 0, World-dreem and CAPSULE XII photos courtesy of Good Press.

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