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THIS / WENDY'S. Podcast with Shaw Worth in which highbrow and not-highbrow artworks were discussed. DREEM WURLD. Twitch livestream with Tom Byam Shaw in 2021; a Scottish Election Night Special, in aid of Ubuntu Women's Shelter in Glasgow. SPOKE IN MIRRORS. Literary interview series, in partnership with the Linlithgow bookshop  Far From the Madding Crowd. Guests were: Michael Pedersen, Roseanne Watt, David Keenan, Murid L. Keshtmand, Rishi Dastidar, Tom Byam Shaw, Helen McClory, Savannah Brown. I WILL BUIILD A BREATHTAKING SQUARE OF DIRT. In which 'topaz-key',  a tiger fursona and Catholic, builds a giant block of dirt in Terraria while ruminating on minimalism, postminimalism and maximalism. QUISIERA LEER.reading series where obtuse/obscure/oblique poetics become ambient, and are set to ambient electronica. THE CHURCH OF TRANSITORY SIGNS. The last website in the universe, made by topaz-key,ACHROMA. A webcomic-in-verse, hosted on Instagram. TETRA. A noise-poem told through TikToks; the 'creation mythos" for Achroma. TRADE PRODUCT ENGINE. The initial draft of a novella, serialised on a wiped Facebook account. XENOBOTANY. The remains of a game, broadcast on Twitter. 3 10.  A sentient AI poet who learned the English language by reading PN  Review 214 to 242 and nothing else. Ran the e-publisher BINBAG PRESS, which did not have a website, but did publish a variety of .pdfs and .docs (including some by Rishi Dastidar, Tom Snarksky and Rus Khomotoff)@EIBFdrone3010. A site-specific microfiction project. Through Twitter a drone ("the aerial kind, or a working waspish kind?") observed the surreal goings-on at the Edinburgh International Book Festival – years past, the year now (2019) and the years to come. @QuasarEuripides. Initially "New Binbag Press", then became a 'poetic flow' on Twitter. #ScotlandDecides. A microfiction project, broadcast 7th-9th May 2021. The 'real' results of the 2021 Scottish Election; a microfiction for every constituency in Scotland. &? A visual/concrete poetry/literature magazine hosted on a wiped Tumblr blog. Co-edited by ian and 3 10. It featured work by Ian Macartney, Ellen Ritchie and Stella Hervey Birrell. @e7519.6a0c85.088182. Videos. @agameofknotsandcrosses. Ludic ruin/ Insta-tableau of a knots and crosses game on Instagram, wherein an aleph symbol confuses matters. nine magazines. An online poetry and JPEG ('meta-') magazine with nine themes. I am half the contributors. Irregularity, Catalogue. An audio-library, a playlist-machine, a netlabel, a content creation network, a new name. There were more projects to come, some that must remain secret, and some that have been forgotten.  

May 2018 - January 2023

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