THIS  WAS  RE-Analogue

RE-ANALOGUE (est. 2017) is an Aberdeen-based creative collective. For the last two years we have organised spoken-word nights, pop-up exhibtons, gigs and a film festival. In 2018 we released a mixtape of work from local musicians, then published our own self-titled magazine in 2019. That April we also supported Meanwhile at their launch in London. 


Our aim is simple - to make interesting things happen in the North-East of Scotland, "to twist granite into gold". In trying to achieve this vision we have worked with creatives and organisations such as Michael Pedersen, Kirsty Logan and the May Festival.

Designed by Jared Cameron


Re-Analogue also had a residency on Aberdeen Student Radio! Their show aired 8-10pm every Monday during term time. Find the archive here.


Samm Anga / Matt Gibb / Alex Kither / Ian Macartney

Tom Byam Shaw / Jared Cameron / Morven Kemp / Ian Macartney / Anita Markoff


Samm Anga / Jared Cameron / Matt Gibb / Morven Kemp / Ian Macartney / Anita Markoff / Miriam Schlüter


IMG Credit: Jared Cameron, Matt Gibb, Eilidh Gow, Dowon Jung & Ian Macartney

Alpha-Beta Series

{10/12/17: Phase A# Initiated (first meeting with Alex, Matt and Ian)}

re.A//EVENT: A# - The Worst Night of The Year (performance night with Michael Pedersen, at Spin) (27/2/18)

re.A//EVENT: B# - Monologue Night (main guest cancelled due to snow; with Creative Writing Society; at Blue Lamp) (2/3/18)

re.A//EVENT: C# - Re-Analogue Presents Itself (art exhibition at Foodstory) (10/3/18)

re.A//EVENT: D# - Ekphrasis (performance night with Kirsty Logan, at Spin) (30/3/18)

re.A//EVENT: E# - Ducentium (flat party; Matt Flamenco’s 20th birthday, and reaching 200 Likes on Facebnook) (24/4/18)

re.A//EVENT: F# - A Granite Afternoon (final Granite Dreaming show, on Aberdeen Student Radio) (25/4/18)

re.A//EVENT: G# - Maymbrane (performance night, for May Festival, at Spin) (25/5/18)

{Re-Analogue Awards 2018 (Twitter thread) + Re-Analogue Free-for-All (Facebook event)} (14/6/18)

re.A//EVENT: H# - A Glade of Bishops (faith-themed performance night, at Queen’s Cross) (22/7/18)

{23/87/18: Phase B Initiated (logo and banner change)}

{Re-Analogue Mixtape released on Bandcamp, curated by Samm and Matt (25/8/18)}

re.A//EVENT: I# - Life To The Fossil (Fresher’s performance night, at Spin) (11/9/18)

{{Neu! Reekie! cameo – Mae Diansangu and Imogen Blythe Stockdale – September 16th, at Stonehaven Town Hall}}

re.A//EVENT: J# - Liminal Space (Samm and Matt’s late-night event at their flat, with Jennifer Walton) (22/9/18)

re.A//EVENT: K# - Seasonal Ascendance (Samm and Matt’s low-key open mic, at Spin) (27/11/18)


{17/12/18: Phase C Initiated (New Crown group-chat made)}

re.A/EVENT: L# - We Are, Uh, Something New (flat-warming with performance night; reciting poetry from the kitchen sofa; “literary flat party”) (27/1/19)

re.A/EVENT: M# - Last Chance To Be (Performance night/flat party hybrid; Tom’s leaving party) (29/3/19)

re.A/EVENT: N# - Freedom From Speech (London show at the Poetry Cafe, Meanwhile launch) (19/4/19)

re.A/EVENT: O# - Burn Your Professors (WORD Fringe/May Festival, at the Blue Lamp) (21/5/19)


{27/5/19: Phase D Initiated (Final Crown group-chat made)}

re.A/EVENT: P# - MANIFESTO (Magazine launch at D2) (6/9/19)

re.A/EVENT: Q# - Re-Turn (Fresher’s performance night with In The Works, at The Cellar) (12/9/19)

re.A/EVENT: R# - poetry is the swing arm flappy dealy of words (flat party performance night hybrid) (18/9/19)

re.A/EVENT: S# - Homage (open mic of other people’s work, at the Blue Lamp) (4/10/19)

re.A/EVENT: T# - Re-Envision (film festival at the Blue Lamp, run by Anita and Jared) (13/11/19)

re.A/EVENT: U# - am having a cone moment (“Re-A flat party Dux”) (4/12/19)

re.A/EVENT: V# - The Departure (dual book event at Waterstones Aberdeen, with Vicki Jarret and Arthur Allen) (16/1/19)

re.A/EVENT: W#, X#, Y#, Z# - Subliminal (Music festival organised by Samm and Matt; at Tunnels 2, Spin, D2 and Blue Lamp Upstairs) (30/1/20 - 2/2/20)


re.A/EVENT: 0# - Re-Analogue Zero (planned grand finale at The Cellar) (25/3/20)

Ghost Series

re.A/GHOST: A#, B# - Performance (memorised poetic monologue, “tour” through Speakin’ Weird headline slot and English Lit. Soc. Performance Night) (9/1/19; 5/2/19)

re.A/GHOST: C# – Softest Ludology (short story launch. Each reader fills out a labyrinth to get a copy of the short story "Re-Aberdeen", then draws a labyrinth for the next reader. Mazes as a form of currency – started at Bonobo Cafe with Tom, moved to Café Nero on Union Street) (13/2/19)

re.A/GHOST: D# - Re:tracing (performance art walk, organised by Anita; going to places you went as a first date (graveyard, beach, King Street); intersection between geography and memory) (14/2/19)

re.A/GHOST: E# - A.O.O.M. (Audio-Only Open Mic; special slot of the Re-Analogue radio show) (11/3/19)

re.A/GHOST: F# - Re-Analogue Wake (planned flat party after Re-Analogue Zero, initially at 16 Jamaica Street, then 2e Frederick Street (Matt's place)) (25/3/20)


de.A/GHOST: One# - De-Analogue (digital livestream finale on Twitch, featuring Michael Pedersen, Seán Hewitt, Rishi Dastidar and more) (23/5/20) 

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