THIS  WAS  RE-Analogue

RE-ANALOGUE (est. 2017) was an Aberdeen-based creative collective. For two years we organised spoken-word nights, pop-up exhibtons, gigs and a film festival. In 2018 we released a mixtape of work from local musicians, then published our own self-titled magazine in 2019. That April we also supported Meanwhile at their launch in London. 


"Our aim is simple - to make interesting things happen in the North-East of Scotland, 'to twist granite into gold'."

Designed by Jared Cameron


Re-Analogue also had a residency on Aberdeen Student Radio! Their show aired 8-10pm every Monday during term time. Find the archive here.


Samm Anga / Matt Gibb / Alex Kither / Ian Macartney

Tom Byam Shaw / Jared Cameron / Morven Kemp / Ian Macartney / Anita Markoff


Samm Anga / Jared Cameron / Matt Gibb / Morven Kemp / Ian Macartney / Anita Markoff / Miriam Schlüter


IMG Credit: Jared Cameron, Matt Gibb, Eilidh Gow, Dowon Jung & Ian Macartney

Alpha-Beta Series

{10/12/17: Phase A# Initiated (first meeting with Alex, Matt and Ian)}

re.A//EVENT: A# - The Worst Night of The Year (performance night with Michael Pedersen, at Spin) (27/2/18)

re.A//EVENT: B# - Monologue Night (main guest cancelled due to snow; with Creative Writing Society; at Blue Lamp) (2/3/18)

re.A//EVENT: C# - Re-Analogue Presents Itself (art exhibition at Foodstory) (10/3/18)

re.A//EVENT: D# - Ekphrasis (performance night with Kirsty Logan, at Spin) (30/3/18)

re.A//EVENT: E# - Ducentium (flat party; Matt Flamenco’s 20th birthday, and reaching 200 Likes on Facebnook) (24/4/18)

re.A//EVENT: F# - A Granite Afternoon (final Granite Dreaming show, on Aberdeen Student Radio) (25/4/18)

re.A//EVENT: G# - Maymbrane (performance night, for May Festival, at Spin) (25/5/18)

{Re-Analogue Awards 2018 (Twitter thread) + Re-Analogue Free-for-All (Facebook event)} (14/6/18)

re.A//EVENT: H# - A Glade of Bishops (faith-themed performance night, at Queen’s Cross) (22/7/18)

{23/87/18: Phase B Initiated (logo and banner change)}

{Re-Analogue Mixtape released on Bandcamp, curated by Samm and Matt (25/8/18)}

re.A//EVENT: I# - Life To The Fossil (Fresher’s performance night, at Spin) (11/9/18)

{{Neu! Reekie! cameo – Mae Diansangu and Blythe Stockdale – September 16th, at Stonehaven Town Hall}}

re.A//EVENT: J# - Liminal Space (Samm and Matt’s late-night event at their flat, with Jennifer Walton) (22/9/18)

re.A//EVENT: K# - Seasonal Ascendance (Samm and Matt’s low-key open mic, at Spin) (27/11/18)


{17/12/18: Phase C Initiated (New Crown group-chat made)}

re.A/EVENT: L# - We Are, Uh, Something New (flat-warming with performance night; reciting poetry from the kitchen sofa; “literary flat party”) (27/1/19)

re.A/EVENT: M# - Last Chance To Be (Performance night/flat party hybrid; Tom’s leaving party) (29/3/19)

re.A/EVENT: N# - Freedom From Speech (London show at the Poetry Cafe, Meanwhile launch) (19/4/19)

re.A/EVENT: O# - Burn Your Professors (WORD Fringe/May Festival, at the Blue Lamp) (21/5/19)


{27/5/19: Phase D Initiated (Final Crown group-chat made)}

re.A/EVENT: P# - MANIFESTO (Magazine launch at D2) (6/9/19)

re.A/EVENT: Q# - Re-Turn (Fresher’s performance night with In The Works, at The Cellar) (12/9/19)

re.A/EVENT: R# - poetry is the swing arm flappy dealy of words (flat party performance night hybrid) (18/9/19)

re.A/EVENT: S# - Homage (open mic of other people’s work, at the Blue Lamp) (4/10/19)

re.A/EVENT: T# - Re-Envision (film festival at the Blue Lamp, run by Anita and Jared) (13/11/19)

re.A/EVENT: U# - am having a cone moment (“Re-A flat party Dux”) (4/12/19)

re.A/EVENT: V# - The Departure (dual book event at Waterstones Aberdeen, with Vicki Jarret and Arthur Allen) (16/1/19)

re.A/EVENT: W#, X#, Y#, Z# - Subliminal (Music festival organised by Samm and Matt; at Tunnels 2, Spin, D2 and Blue Lamp Upstairs) (30/1/20 - 2/2/20)


re.A/EVENT: 0# - Re-Analogue Zero (planned grand finale at The Cellar) (25/3/20)

Ghost Series

re.A/GHOST: A#, B# - Performance (memorised poetic monologue, “tour” through Speakin’ Weird headline slot and English Lit. Soc. Performance Night) (9/1/19; 5/2/19)

re.A/GHOST: C# – Softest Ludology (short story launch. Each reader fills out a labyrinth to get a copy of the short story "Re-Aberdeen", then draws a labyrinth for the next reader. Mazes as a form of currency – started at Bonobo Cafe with Tom, moved to Café Nero on Union Street) (13/2/19)

re.A/GHOST: D# - Re:tracing (performance art walk, organised by Anita; going to places you went as a first date (graveyard, beach, King Street); intersection between geography and memory) (14/2/19)

re.A/GHOST: E# - A.O.O.M. (Audio-Only Open Mic; special slot of the Re-Analogue radio show) (11/3/19)

re.A/GHOST: F# - Re-Analogue Wake (planned flat party after Re-Analogue Zero, initially at 16 Jamaica Street, then 2e Frederick Street (Matt's place)) (25/3/20)


de.A/GHOST: One# - De-Analogue (digital livestream finale on Twitch, featuring Michael Pedersen, Seán Hewitt, Rishi Dastidar and more) (23/5/20)