Anhedonia (2015) – dir. Ewan McIntosh

Adolescent space-fable. A rebel prince and a revolutionary escape their homeworld, hellbent on their quest to find happiness. 


Rubix (2016) – dir. Ewan McIntosh

If someone in your school-year dies, everyone gets straight A's. So thinks the nameless protagonist of this monologue, as one murder leads to the worst. 

Shortlisted for the 2016 Summer in The City Awards (Best Short Film)


Thee Ozymandias Rex (2017)

A few years ago I set myself the challenge to write a screenplay that would be impossible to film - something I considered a futile task, in a certain sense, since the ostensible core of any script was its need to be translated into another medium, into something physical, or cinematic. The result of that experiment was pretty wild: a strange anthology/collage of scenes with gangsters, art-gallery-goers, a prose-poem from the Devil, pseudo-philosophical diagrams, Comic Sans'd aphorisms and a single-shot scene that lasts a (literal) lifetime... 

In a sense I don't consider
Thee Ozymandias Rex truly finished. Maybe I never will. For me the "final" text would be two volumes, totalling in five hours if filmed (Volume 1 would be three hours long, Volume 2 the rest). The current draft is 60 pages.

Excerpts from the text were included in the Irish intermedial magazine Grass (which is what the pictures (left) are from). Many thanks to Christopher and Aoife for being generous enough to publish my wee weird work xx