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I have been involved in editing literature for years, now, culminating in my role as head editor for the literary magazine Re-Analogue. Concurrently, I also have ample experience editing specific work (from poetry and fiction to drama and screenplays), although to date this has been informal and more a generous service for people I know. That said, I would be more than happy to look over and/or edit your work!



I am available for writing workshops. Contact me if you want me involved with your for your writing group/festival/&c.

I am also available to speak on your panel! In November 2018 I also took part in Confab's "So You've Written A Poem. What Now?" at the Scottish Youth Theatre in Glasgow, and I would love to have the opportunity to do similar work again.


Along with organising spoken-word events in Aberdeen - first as president of the Aberdeen English Literature Society, then as the founder of Re-Analogue - I also perform in my own right. I was the January 2019 headliner for Aberdeen's biggest spoken-word evening, Speakin' Weird, and have also performed with Neu! Reekie! in Elgin; at Summerhall in Edinburgh as part of BBCWords First; at Inn Deep for Speculative Books' weekly night; plus performances in Dublin; plus-plus more.

Russell Teapot 

                                              Self-Portrait (2019)


Russell Teapot (2018-) is a digital artist. Previous clients include e-publisher Binbag Press and Aberdeen hip-hop night Onion Rings. For commissions, please use the email address above. 

                                               Revelation (2019)

Marvellous Language


Marvellous Language (2020-) is a non-digital illustrator who is still being established, but will be available for commissions soon.