Meta-Mediums (or, Sensualities) 

[e.g. - Smell, Taste, Touch, Sight, Sound, &c.]



[Combinations of sensualities. Literature is Sight, though has elements of Touch; Cinema is Sight and Sound; Cuisine is Smell and Taste, though sometimes with elements of Touch, Sight and Sound, &c.]



[Macroscopic distinctions within mediums. Western, SSF, Literary, Spicy, &c.]


[Praise Specificity! Steampunk, Sweet-and-sour,  mockumentary, &c.]

Canon (or, Series)

[Multiple texts which can be defined by biography, collective, art movement, ideology, context, &c.] 


[Single entity: book, film, meal, &c.]


Portion A 

[Act, Dish, &c.]


Portion B
[Chapter, Scene, Course, &c.]


Portion C
[Sentence, Shot, Ingredient, &c.]


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Temporal Field~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[All Art in the Currency of Duration &c.]

On this Taxonomy, Our Pyramid, The Poet’s Eye permits hybridity, transcendence and jumping about. Pyramids are, after all, tombs, and The Death Of X only ever meant the Horizon shines closer with knowledge &c.

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