My earliest form of creative expression was through drawing. Before I went to secondary school I was certain I would go on to be an illustrator. I had an entire cluster of multiverses, barely understandable beyond my ten-year-old-scope, rendered in scratchy doodles. The in-paper name for the creator/god-type of this stuff was The I (not to be mistaken for Ian Macartney, the name of every single First Minister of the Earth-like planet at the centre of a lot of these adventures, which was just a coincidence). 

My plan here is to, through scanning or photography or a mix, upload as many of these drawings as I can (when I have the time). This will be hard because I drew mostly in pencil, i.e. this stuff is extraordinarily faint to the human eye, let alone after being scanned. But I've kept an astonishing glut of drawings from that time, about 2005-2012 or so, most of it in a huge A1-sized folder, and I feel it would be cute to archive this childhood work on the website.

Forthcoming &c.