Further From Festival 2016, Linlithgow (with Michael Pedersen, William Letford, Jenni Fagan and Liz Lochhead)

Far From The Madding Crowd,  Linlithgow, 2016 (with Claire Askew and Theresa Muñoz)

Further From Festival 2017, Linlithgow (with Claire Askew and Ash Dickinson)

Neu! Reekie! Elgin, 2017 (with Michael Pedersen, Kevin Williamson, Marilyn Carino and Scott Hutchinson)

“Performance” (memorised poetic monologue) – Speakin’ Weird, (as January 2019 headliner); Aberdeen English Literature Society Performance Night (February 2019)

BBC Words First Showcase at Summerhall, June 2019 (with various)  

Torphicen Preceptory, June 2019 (with Roseanne Watt and Kevin P. Gilday)

XR Rising Festival (Aberdeen Arts Centre), September 2019 (with various)

Solstice Shorts Festival, December 2019 (work performed at Clydebank and Peterhead)

Unislam 2020, March 2020 (performed at the Birmingham Hippodrome) 

De-Analogue, May 2020 (Re-Analogue digital finale, Twitch)

Way WORD Festival, September 2020 (Leopard Arts/Pushing Out The Boat digital showcase)

LooTalk's Easy Peel Corner Ep. 1, March 2021 (podcast-project's reading series on Instagram Live; short story "Laundry Laundry Laundry Laundry" read by the hosts)


Talk at Pushkin prizes Ceremony, Archers' Hall, April 2017

“So, You’ve Written A Poem. What Now?” Scottish Youth Theatre, November 2018 (with Confab, Sam Small, Swara Shukla and Julie Fergusson)


Interview with Joe Vaughan for Publicate Festival, August 2020


Wildverse 2011 - Prize-winner

One of my earliest poems, "The Kingfisher", was published in the RSPB's magazine Wild Explorer, and later recited on national children's radio

Pushkin Prizes 2012 – Prize-winner

Week-long mentorship with Gerry Cambridge and Cathy MacPhail

Foyle Young Poets 2014, 2016 – Commended

Foyle Young Poets 2015 – Prize-winner

Week-long mentorship with Liz Berry and Michael Symmons Roberts

BBC Words First 2019 - Shortlisted

Workshops with Jenny Lindsay, Colin McGuire and Hannah Laverty

Solstice Shorts 2019 (Time and Tide) – Shortlisted


Work read out by performers in Peterhead and Clydebank on the Winter Solstice

Unislam 2020


Selected for the University of Aberdeen team; workshops with Bridget Hart, Caroline Bird and Vanessa Kisuule; performed at the Birmingham Hippodrome  


Poets & Players Competition 2021 - Commended



For non-fiction bibliography, please see here.

Midsummer (for June 2019 Torphicen gig - hand-stapled paper booklet, 20 copies)


WISP A (January 2021)

Drone (February 2021 - experimental poem, hand-stapled paper booklet, ~15 copies) (forthcoming)


A Well-Travelled Notebook (West Lothian Writers) – “Time Zones”, “The Snails Move Our”, “Train to Waverley” (2015)

Northern Lights (Aberdeen University Creative Writing Society) – "Hopscotching", "Darksong", "Long Shower", "Acquisition" (2017)

Set in Granite (Aberdeen University Creative Writing Society) – "from Stag of Scotland" (2018)

Solstice Shorts: Time and Tide (Arachne Press) – “Mother Fish”, “Ovčice, Croatia” (2019)

The Centenary Collection: For Edwin Morgan (Speculative Books) - "Asciinaut &c." (2020)


#UntitledThree (Polygon) - "The Bookshop I Burned Down" (2020)


Past Present Future (Forest Arts) - "Fear of Wrists" (2021)


EpicMUSE (2014) - "The Land Where the Sun Bleeds"

[Untitled] Falkirk #7 (2015) – “Citadel”

Suma Lima #2 (2018) – “Peace Will Come”

John Byrne Award (2018) – “Laundry Laundry Laundry Laundry”

Meanwhile #1 (2018) – “Moment, February 2018 (7th)”, “Logistics of Grandeur”

Grass #1 (2019) – from “Thee Ozymandias Rex”

Icarus #69.ii (2019) – “Watering”, “Helen of Troy, but with Eczema”

The Attic (2019) – “Yellow Flowers”

Re-Analogue (2019) – “Foreword A”, “Foreword 1”, “The Infinite Fury”


Scoot Around (2019) - "Walking on Swings"“Caledonian Cloud Computer”

Leopard Arts (2020) - "Delivery", "Abyss", "He Visits the 38 Saint Andrew Street Exhibition Space", "Aberdeen Synonyms", "Snail Climbs""Year/Year", "Johnny Real Depressed G""Paternoster, London"

The Distance of the Moon (2020) - "8LJ2CBTR"

A Bit of Blown Dust (2020) - "from SCROLL" (with Shaw Worth)


Tenebrae  #IV (2020) - "aye", "aye", "Perpendicularised"


Little Stone Journal #1 (2020) - "For"

Ex/post #1 (2020) - "beautiful moth captured in glass then released!!!!!!!!!!!!"


unicorn #2 (2020) - "I Want to Sleep With You (//, by which I mean, I want to sleep beside you...)" (forthcoming)

Seiren #2 (2020) - "Pool Scene (in the Key(board) of Twitter, Night)", "F-S-F", "King of Pets", "firstdraftist poem 3#", "Vaporwavewave"

Maudlin House (2020) - "Love You, Love You Sweetie"

The Island Review (2020) - "Calgary Bay", "There Are No Islands"

433 (2020) - "00:37 - 00:56"

Lumiere Review #2 (2020) - "Acquisition"

giallo (2020) - "What is this", "I want it all Even if it's fake"

Heavy Iridescent 
#1 (2020) - "Laundry Laundry Laundry Laundry"


RIC Journal (2020) - "The Phoenician Cinema"


Wonky Veg #1 (2020) - "At the Post-Break-Up-Meet-Up", "Unbelievably Short Play", "Ambient prose I", "Falkirk Cleaner (part Time) £9.30 to £9.60 Per Hour (Pro Rata) Part Time Hours Between 10 to 30 Hours Between 31 to 40 Hours", "Notes for a Planned Diary-Thing When I Went to Dublin for 4 Days, Then London for 6, Though I Didn’t Take That Many Notes, Sorry", "Fragments from An Essay I Never Finished", "Amber-machines"

Scottish Book Trust (2020) - "Johnny Real Depressed G"

Rodwell (2020) - "Charles Calgary Takes the Long Bus to Ballater"


Seiren #3 (2020) - "The only taco bell in scotland"


Wonky Veg #2 (2021) - "Reality Reality Reality Reality Reality Reality Reality No"

SPAM #2 (2021) - "from Comment Section"

spray (2021) - "Linlithgow, January 2021 (20th)", "Becky with the good consideration", "Hahahahahaha (Wtf)"


The Scotsman – “Three young Scots poets win prestigious literary contest” (October 8th, 2015)

The Guardian – “Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2015 - read the winning poems” (October 8th, 2015)

The Gaudie – various (2017 - 2020)


“Granite Dreaming” (February 2017 – April 2018) – Aberdeen Student Radio


"Declan McKenna Interview" (21st May 2017) - Aberdeen Student Radio (premiered on Mixcloud)

“Re-Analogue” (January 2018 - March 2020) – Aberdeen Student Radio

“ASR Breakfast Show - Thursday” (February 2019 - October 2019) – Aberdeen Student Radio

"The Aberdeen Review" (24th September 2019, 19th November 2019) - Aberdeen Student Radio

"Power of Three" (4th March 2020) - Aberdeen Student Radio

Archives of my work with Aberdeen Student Radio can be found here.


“The Afternoon Show with Janice Forsyth” (May 13th, 2019) – BBC Radio Scotland 


"The Social Presents 2: Spoken Word" (July 27th, 2020) - BBC Scotland